StandGuard Aquatics has a Management Program that fits all aquatic facilities. We serve clients of all stripes. The flexibility of our program makes are services affordable and accessible to all types of clients. We serve all types of clients including the following:

  • Government Agencies – Our Aquatics Management Program is designed for all forms of government agencies. From local, state, and federal government agencies, to park districts, parks and recreation departments and districts, our services provide a total management program for all parts of your Aquatics department.
  • Open Water – One of the only companies in the Aquatics Management industry that has the resources and capabilities to manage open water facilities. Providing emergency services to
    beaches, lakes, and waterfronts requires a higher level of lifeguard and emergency services training. StandGuard Aquatics carries the certifications and the experienced staff to handle any type of open water operations.
  • Country Clubs – Our Swimming Pool Management Program is perfect for all types of Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, and private clubs needing specific services to meet the needs of their respective members. Most swimming pool management companies lack the capabilities to provide the specialized services needed to fully serve private clubs.
  • Homeowners Associations – The Swimming Pool Management industry got its start managing swimming pools for HOA’s and subdivisions. Our Swimming Pool Management Program has all the services you would expect. As more and more startup companies enter the industry, the services provided get diluted in most markets. StandGuard Aquatics provides a turn-key service package. We won’t cut corners. We will provide a Swimming Pool Management package thatcovers all the services your community needs. Our Swimming Pool Maintenance Program is also great program for communities that do not require lifeguards or staffing to be open.
  • Condos/Apartments – Our Swimming Pool Maintenance Program is perfect for this industry. Our service technicians are trained to provide the level of weekly service needed to maintain these facilities in a clean and safe manner.
  • Aquatic Centers
  • Water Parks
  • Swimming Pools
  • Splash Pads
  • Beaches, Lakes, and Waterfronts
  • Natatoriums
  • Special Use Facilities
  • Water Features

As you can see, we are able to service all types of aquatic facilities large and small. No operation is too big or small for our experienced staff. StandGuard Aquatics personalizes our program for each and every client so that 100% of our client’s needs are met.

Have an aquatics project that you need managed? From government agencies to homeowners associations, we can help.

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