StandGuard Aquatics has a full service Swimming Pool Maintenance Program. Our group of Service Technicians is fully trained in swimming pool cleaning and chemical maintenance. Our services in this program include:

  • Standardized Scheduling – A successful Swimming Pool Maintenance Program must have a consistent schedule of services. Each facility we service is placed on a weekly service schedule that does not change during the season. Our team will visit the pool on the same days of each week during the entire season.
  • Trained Technicians – All of our service technicians are fully trained in equipment and chemical maintenance. Each facility we maintained will be assigned to a Service Technician. Each technician will be responsible for all pool opening and closing for the season.
  • Chemical Management – StandGuard provides all the necessary chemicals to properly treat and maintain all swimming pools we service. The foundation of any successful swimming pool operation is the ability to supply and manage chemicals properly. Proper chemical management will help maintain a safe clean swimming environment for all patrons. It also will extend the life of the filtration equipment and pool surface. Poor chemical balance will lead to etching or scaling of the pool surface. It can also lead to unnecessary erosion to filtration equipment.
  • Facility Opening/Closing – Our staff provides all the necessary work to get each facility open and closed for the season. As part of our opening process, StandGuard will process all necessary paperwork for all permits required to operate the facility. At opening, our team will complete a comprehensive facility inspection report to determine any and all repairs and equipment needed to pass all inspections and make the facility fully operational. At the end of the season, our team will provide all closing work necessary to winterize the facility for the offseason. At closing, a detailed closing inspection report will be completed on the facility to assess the condition of the facility and capital improvement needs. This report is more detailed to the facilities long term needs than our reporting during the opening process.
  • Facility Cleaning – A detailed cleaning schedule will be created during the opening process for our technicians to follow on each service visit. Our cleaning schedule will include all areas “inside the fence” during each visit. This includes, but is not limited to, the swimming pool, swimming pool deck, restrooms, pump room, trash, and pool furniture.
  • Reporting – Not sure what your current swimming pool maintenance provider is doing on a weekly basis? Our technicians fill out daily reporting for all visits. In addition, a complete maintenance log will be filled out and left in the pump room by our service technicians. Our logs will include all aspects of facility cleaning and chemical management. With our complete reporting system, you will know of daily basis all services provided at your facility.

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