StandGuard Aquatics is more than an Aquatics Management service provider. We are also have a full service department that is capable of all renovations and construction needs under one roof. We have both engineers and architects on retainer to handle all our renovation and construction needs. Our services include:

  • Consulting/Design Services – StandGuard staff has all the necessary resources to provide a full host of consulting and design activities for our clients and facility owners. With our engineers, architects and aquatics professionals, we can provide all the key personnel to provide inspection reporting for existing facilities and design services for owners wanting to build new.
  • Construction Services – StandGuard has a full host of subcontractors and vendors in the aquatics industry to manage and oversee any construction process. From kiddie pools to water parks, splash pads to natatoriums, StandGuard Aquatics has the resources to complete any project in the aquatics industry.
  • Renovations – Our full, in-house service department can handle all repairs and renovations to existing facilities. A full functioning service department is a must in the aquatics management industry. Having in-house staff capable of making repairs quickly is a necessity in this industry. Swimming pools and aquatic facilities must stay open at all times. Having a complete service staff allows StandGuard clients the comfort in knowing any repair can be made quickly and efficiently to prevent any prolonged closures of your facility.

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