Our Swimming Pool Management Program is the culmination of over 30 years of experience and provides the safest and most efficient swimming pool operation in the industry.

Our Swimming Pool Management Program includes the following services for all clients:

  • Staffing – StandGuard provides all necessary staff to perform swimming pool management services. Our management team will recruit, hire, and train all necessary Lifeguards, Pool Monitors, Management Staff, and Admissions staff necessary to provide the level of services needed to operate your facility.
  • Safety – All personnel are trained through the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Certification. StandGuard is a national provider of the American Red Cross Training program. We also provide a Facility Assessment Safety Report. Under the FASR, we establish the necessary staffing levels for each facility. Under this plan, we identify lifeguard “zones” of coverage. Our zone coverage insures that all surface area of the swimming facility has lifeguard coverage that can respond appropriately to any incident or need in the zone.
  • Facility Maintenance – All lifeguards and pool monitors receive detailed training on the operation of the swimming pool facility and equipment. All day to day cleaning and maintenance to the facility is performed by our onsite staff. StandGuard does not use a “cleaning crew” to clean facilities. The use of cleaning crews limits the amount of cleaning and maintenance to the swimming facility. Having the entire staff trained on the operation of the swimming facility guarantees that when our staff is onsite, we can respond immediately to any maintenance issue at the facility.
  • Chemical Management – StandGuard provides all the necessary chemicals to properly treat and maintain all swimming pools we service. The foundation of any successful swimming pool operation is the ability to supply and manage chemicals properly. Proper chemical management will help maintain a safe clean swimming environment for all patrons. It also will extend the life of the filtration equipment and pool surface. Poor chemical balance will lead to etching or scaling of the pool surface. It can also lead to unnecessary erosion to filtration equipment.
  • Membership Controls – Tired of seeing patrons using the facility who are not members? Many of our clients require assistance with membership identification and controls on usage of the facility. Our staff can help through the use of staff and technology to maintain tight controls on who uses the facility. StandGuard offers an streamlined version of our APMS system to allow complete membership management for all our clients. Our APMS allows for accurate reporting and identification of all members allowed to use the facility. We are able to supply membership cards to all members at our clients request. The APMS is compatible with other membership software systems.
  • Programming – We can tailor a program guide for your swimming pool. Swim lessons, private parties, and events are very popular ways to allow members and patrons to experience the swimming pool and facility. Our fully integrated website will allow patrons and members to register for events online.

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